Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 4 Ways to Introduce Color Into Your Home Décor

A new color exudes spring freshness and modernity. It carries the inherent warmth of a summer evening and conveys a soothing presence. Interior designers, decorators, and fashion designers are already considering this new shade as the upcoming craze which may soon surpass burgundy and champagne colors in popularity.

If you wish to use this color in your home décor, ask for help from a luxury home interior designer. Coordinating this new color with different décor elements can get tricky and only a designer can help you create your dream space. Here are a few suggestions from experts to incorporate this creamy hue into your home.

  1. Paint the Walls

The color can serve as an ideal neutral paint for your home. It has a timeless appeal and can provide an elegant style to your interiors. The shade is also perfect to spruce up traditional and vintage properties. Decorate the painted walls with glass accessories, pictures with dark colored frames or team up with a white mantelpiece or open shelves. Your home interior designer can help you pick the right accessories and work out on an ideal color scheme to suit your space.

  1. Add Furniture

To incorporate this latest color from Pantone, you can add a classy chair, a couch, loveseat or a study sofa with English Sparkling colored upholstery in your living room. They’ll look best when placed against a green, purple or inky blue wall. You can also introduce this color to your bedroom by opting for a bed with a rolled button headboard in this shade. This kind of bed will also provide a sense of luxury and comfort to your space.

  1. Use Window Treatments

Since the color is available as a textile color, choose curtains, draperies, blinds or shades in this shade to decorate your living spaces. You can also go for window coverings in deeper shades with patterns in English Sparkling color depending on the color scheme of your room. You can also paint your existing shutters with this color to complement bright or dark walls.

  1. Include Home Accessories

Pick lamp shades, coasters, throws, cushions, and pillows in this new shade to update your interiors.  Contact your interior designer to help you with custom designed accessories to stand out and make a unique statement.

Enjoy the effervescence and pleasantness of this new color from Pantone with some of these suggestions. Consult a luxury residential interior designer for the best advice regarding different ways to introduce this Pantone color in your luxe space.