Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 4 Ways Different Furniture Styles Can Change The Feel Of Your Room


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The furniture you pick for your home is the defining element of your interior and the dominating feature of the room. It affects the feeling, mood, and overall flow of the room in subtle and overt ways. These influences are why it’s important to pick furniture that sets the tone and generates the kind of energy you’re seeking to experience. Different types of furniture styles create different feelings and flow which leads to endless possibilities in furniture choices. Here are four ways furniture affects and changes the feeling of a room.

Furniture Affects Your Emotions


Our living spaces affect how we feel because we exist inside them every day, and we want to surround ourselves with things we enjoy. And because furniture is something that stays in the home for years, the pieces have to deliver joy and satisfaction every day. That means combining function, form, and color into furniture pieces that cater to those feelings. The type of furniture you pick for your home reflects who you are as an individual but also affects the atmosphere of the room. 

Opening Up a Room


different types of furniture stylesSometimes a house has a room that just doesn’t feel right. It has no flow, feels claustrophobic with the existing furniture, and is not a place you want to be. The wrong kind of furniture can make a room feel smaller than it is which sets off an uncomfortable reaction in your mind. Switching to furniture that has a compact profile or clean colors can reduce or eliminate the feeling of claustrophobia. And adding more space to the pathways in the room makes it more inviting for people to enter and walkthrough.

Play a Role in a Themed Design


Design styles have specific types of furniture used in their creation because they provide the backdrop for the surrounding decor. Creating a room with a tropical theme requires wood furniture that’s painted or stained to generate the initial feeling of being in the Bahamas or Jamaica. Prefer a Mid-Century Modern look? The style requires using furniture designed in the Eames/Miller/Le Corbusier fashion. You may not want to commit fully to a faithful recreation of a design period or style, but the furniture you select will set the tone for the room and express the underlying theme.

Create a Feeling of Timelessness


Homeowners usually want to keep their homes from looking dated and falling out of fashion and prefer to take a contemporary approach to the interior design of the home. Contemporary-styled furniture is key to keeping a home looking up-to-date throughout the years. Furniture is the one element in a room that is not changed with frequency, whereas decor elements can be moved in and out on a whim. Picking furniture that looks as if it could come out of almost any design era helps you keep the room looking fresh and timeless.

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