Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 4 Retro Interior Design Trends That Are Sure to Rule in 2018

Interior design is a versatile field with fresh trends being regularly introduced and some era-defining trends being re-invented with a twist. 2018 is one such year as it sees the revival of some iconic retro elements that add charm and glamour to the 21st-century interior design world.

The classic styles of golden periods such as 50s, 60s and 70s are predicted to make a comeback this year to give a nostalgic appearance to your home. Some additions will be fresh takes on the original designs to create a balance with the current time whereas some will be adopted in their original form. Here’s a list of 4 retro interior design trends that are sure to be a hit in 2018 as predicted by the best Toronto interior designers.

1) Patterned Carpet and Wallpaper

The classic carpet and wallpaper with interesting patterns are statement pieces of the 60s and 70s. They are making a comeback in 2018 by taking an inspiration from the accent walls and stylish rugs. Geometric patterns on wallpaper for a bold, modern appeal and animal printed carpets for an attractive appearance will be the latest inclusions in contemporary homes. If you feel that patterned carpets and wallpaper will be too much for your rooms, then start by incorporating textured carpets on staircases to accentuate the interiors.

2) Floral Upholstery

Chintz is back! This famous interior design element of the 80s is coming back this year in the form of floral sofas and armchairs. Oversized floral prints, coloured motifs, and brighter accents are brightening homes once again. If you have an otherwise neutral living room, then a sofa with floral upholstery with larger than life designs in punchy pastels will give much-needed life to a simple décor. This dramatic addition is sure to bring a springtime feel to your interiors.

3) Bold Kitchens

Colourful kitchens painted in bright green, yellow, blue or red is the iconic style of a bygone era. No doubt white kitchens are classic and evergreen, but this mid-century interior design trend is sure to see a revival in 2018. Incorporate this bold statement into your kitchen by either choosing an accent colour for the island to give your kitchen an updated look. You can consider some retro colour combos such as hot pink with orange or lime green, turquoise with light pink or white and soft pink with seafoam green.

4) Walnut Furniture and Accents

Walnut used to be extensively utilized for mid-century furniture. But, luxury interior designers are redefining this old-school element and giving it a sophisticated look. The difference is that it will be used with a matt finish rather than a shiny one. The rich grainy texture along with some metallic elements such as brass and copper will be the order of the day. This design trend will give a crafted and country style look to your home décor.

Bring the old-school charm of the retro era to your modern 21st century home. These quirky elements will not only bring freshness to your home décor but also make the place more appealing. Follow the trends predicted by the high-end interior designers and give a nostalgic look to your home.