Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 4 Interior Design Trends You Can Introduce to Your Home This Spring

Spring has arrived and it’s a great time to update the ambiance of your home in a way that reflects the refreshing and fun aura of the season. Home decor trends are constantly evolving and this spring season, it’s so much about vibrant colors and textures inspired by nature.

If you’re looking for spring decor tips for your luxury residential spaces, here are some inspiring ideas from home interior designers. From simple and easy changes to decor upgrades that make a statement, you can get your living space spring ready in no time!

Go for bright colors, pastel shades or a mixed palette

  1. Use Bright Colors and Pastels

This year, spring color trends include metallic golds, indigo blues, shades of purple, green and red, energetic pops of color, and ice-cream pastels such as candy floss, lemon, sky blues, peach, etc. Ice-cream colors, in fact, are a huge trend this year and you can use them in multiple ways in your living spaces. From walls, furniture to home accessories such as lamps, vases, photo frames, rugs, and wall arts, there are several opportunities to incorporate the gelato color palette in your home decor.

If you’re not fond of pastels, you can go for the other colors. Paint a feature wall with a shade of indigo blue or simply accessorize your living room or bedroom with flowers and vases in inky blues. Introduce metallic golds in the form of picture frames, mirror frames, pendant lights, lamp bases, and sideboards against dark colored walls. For creating a personal quirky style for any of your living spaces, you can work with bold pops of color. The trick is to mix several strong, bold and bright colors together.

However, you should mix and match the different shades and choose the accessories properly. Consult with your interior designer to choose the perfect color palette and style that suit your home.

  1. Incorporate Colorful Florals 

One of the easiest ways to update your home interiors for spring is to add bright floral patterns. Be it your upholstery, furnishing, wallpaper or home accessories, floral patterns will help liven up spaces. For creating a conventional look for your space, you can keep the walls neutral and use curtains or draperies with bright cottage florals or delicate spring blossom patterns in trending colors. A home interior designer can help you take the right pick based on the area and style of your room.

  1. Bring in Houseplants 

It’s time to buy some stunning indoor plants and place them strategically in different rooms to celebrate the freshness of spring. Place potted leafy plants at the corners of a room or on side tables. You can also place some hanging plants on open shelves. To add more visual interest around spring foliage, pair the look with a textured rug, white cushions with green stripes and an upholstered green armchair. 

Celebrate the freshness of spring

  1. Embrace Embellishments 

Embellishments are in! Embrace it on your cushions, throws, rugs, accessories, and wall hangings in the form of tassels, fringes, feathers, tufts or macramé. Choose these embellishments in trending colors for the best visual effect.

Spring is the time to let in light and fresh air into your home. Use lightweight fabrics and sheer curtains. But with so many choices of bright colors and textures, make sure not to overdo it. Hire a high-end residential interior designer to help you update your luxury spaces according to this year’s spring home decor trends.