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residential interior design


Residential interior design involves knowledge and understanding of the interior of a home regardless of its era. Technical aspects can complicate design elements. The location of the home and exterior architecture are also components that must be taken into consideration. It’s a lot more than looking at a room and deciding that furniture should go here and wallpaper should go there to create a pleasing visual aesthetic. A residential interior designer uses the very “bones” of the house as the basis for his or her design and works with the home instead of against it. 

What is Residential Interior Design?


It’s more complex than interior decoration as it requires the designer to possess design skills, a working knowledge of architecture, and the basics of a home structure. All of these skills are brought to bear on the home in order to create a finished product that the client can enjoy for years to come.

How a Residential Interior Designer Brings the Home Together


what is residential interior designA residential interior designer typically works with raw space that is either brand new or in the process of renovations. The home is regarded as a blank slate upon which to design and install features that blend into the fabric of the home. The designer listens to the desires and needs of the client, corrals the ideas and turns them into a final design, then executes the design. Along the way, she brings her personal touch to the design of the home and turns the raw space into something amazing.

If a client wants a wet bar in a specific room, she designs the bar to meet their needs, puts her personal design touches into the bar, then presents it to the architect and contractor to make sure it’s properly incorporated and constructed into the existing plans.

The Many Roles of the Residential Interior Designer


There are a lot of opportunities to create unique features in the interior of a home when it’s being built from the ground up or stripped back to the studs for a complete renovation. This means that the residential interior designer has to be able to communicate with the architect, client, and contractor. The architect has the job of designing the home and its interior layout, but the residential interior designer also has a voice when it comes to adding in their own ideas. The designer can often make constructive suggestions for better traffic flow, placement of windows and doors, or moving of walls that will improve the quality of life. And she has to present her ideas to the client while taking into account the client’s desires.

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