Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 3 Innovative Ways to Make the Velvet Trend Work for Your Home Décor

Velvet is one of the most sought-after trends this year in home décor. This multi-dimensional fabric has been popular as a luxurious and opulent indulgence for a long time. It has a timeless appeal and adds a lot of texture and warmth to any space.

There are several reasons to include velvets in your home even if you don’t follow trends. With the advances in fabric technology, modern velvets are soft, plush, machine-washable, and are also resistant to stains, abrasions, and discoloration.

If you’re still hesitant and not sure how to get your velvet right, here are four innovative ways you can make it work for your home décor. Discuss these ideas with your home interior designer to get started.

  1. Velvet Furniture

Velvet furniture adds color, texture, and sophistication to your living room. You can choose your velvet color and furniture style depending on the look you want to create for your space. For example, if you want a modern look, then get mid-century velvet furniture with clean lines in saturated tones such as bright reds, mustard yellows, earthy greens, and warm browns. You can pair it with bold graphic walls or other leather furniture pieces to make a striking statement.

For a glamorous bold look, opt for a velvet tufted sofa paired with other velvet upholstered furniture that has interesting but simple sculptural shapes. Choose bold jewel-toned velvet fabrics such as emerald, ruby, sapphire or amethyst. There are many other styles you can work on like traditional, industrial, rustic, classic, and layered décor with different styles and colors of velvet furniture.

You can also include velvet furniture in your dining room in the form of performance chairs. Depending on your style, ask your designer to get your traditional wooden chairs or modern metal chairs upholstered with velvet. An interior designer can help you make the right choice for your home.

  1. Accents

When you’re not sure if you should make a big move with velvets, you can start small with accents like cushions, throw pillows, and curtains. Choose the color and texture of your velvet depending on the color scheme of your furniture and the overall room. Make sure to choose bold contrasting colors to make your home décor look vibrant. Keep it simple without tassels or ornamentations when choosing velvet curtains. To achieve a contemporary look, pair the curtains with sleek, modern furniture pieces or home accessories.

  1. Headboards

You can incorporate velvet in any room, including your bedroom. Talk to your professional home designer about installing velvet headboards. Headboards are now bigger in size following evolving interior trends. Velvet headboards can be super soft and supportive elements in your bed set up which aresimply perfect for relaxing and getting maximum comfort!

There are different varieties of velvets available such as cotton velvets, linen velvets, and lustrous silk velvets. Make your selection based on your aesthetic preference and the home décor style that you want to achieve in your living spaces. Hire a high-end luxury home designer who offers a complete range of professional interior design services to transform your home into a dream space.