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1000 Ocean Project by Perla Lichi

1000 Ocean
The homeowners of 1000 Ocean auditioned several designers before Perla Lichi was chosen to renovate their luxurious oceanside condominium. The extensive remodeling had Lichi select an all-new color pallet and textures for the bathrooms and bedrooms. Thoughtful consideration was put into bringing the coastal ambiance into the unit; the refreshing greens from the palm trees and crisp blues of the Atlantic ocean became recurring motifs throughout.

The serene waterfront became the motif of this home and Perla Lichi’s innovative design concepts were implemented seamlessly. The entire suite feels cohesive as the foamy ocean blues are accented via strategically placed accessories and glass mosaic inserts.

Condominio en Fort Lauderdale
Condominio en Fort Lauderdale
Various shades of blue hues speckle the master bath like the spray of an ocean. The main feature is a 15-foot wall made from Sici’s glass tiles. This breathtaking wall creates a palpable atmosphere in the room and the way it catches and bounces light off its many faces emulates the shimmering sparkle of the ocean on a bright day. This wall could have been any piece of art, but Perla Lichi chose an ambitious installation that not only makes the room feel fresh but also shares the same core design philosophy in other rooms.

Transitioning to the master closet, you are met with a stately island dressing table. This unit not only solves daily storage quandaries but also makes a powerful impression with its cool gray, slab marble top. Sandy earth tones take precedence over the cool hues from the master bath and the effect makes the environment feel warmer and sophisticated. The looming abstract aqua chandelier highlights the island centerpiece of the master closet and reinforces the exclusive oceanfront ambiance.

Perla Lichi’s sensibilities when renovating the unit for 1000 Ocean are meticulous. The home’s new contemporary coastal aesthetics reinforce the homeowner’s appreciation of the “on the water” lifestyle. Masterful color coordination, space planning, and the elite echelon of craftsmanship are on full display in this unit; making every square foot look and feel high-end. The nonpareil artistry from Perla Lichi’s discerning eye elevates what could have been a routine remodeling, into a full-blown reinvention.