Fort Lauderdale Perla Lichi Design: Award Winning Interior Designer | 10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Designer

This topic was featured in the current Vol. 29 No. 2 edition of Florida Design magazine.

1). Design is Not as Easy as the Cable Shows Make it Seem.

Have you ever watched one of the cable TV shows about replacing kitchen cabinets? In 30 minutes to an hour, they take you through the process. “It appears to be fairly easy,” you tell yourself. And off to the building products store you go. This presents the first hurdle. What cabinets will you buy? Will it fit where I want to put it? If you actually get to the installation process, you soon realize that the guys on the TV show have probably done this before. Who’s telling you that it’s easy? The building supply stores who want to sell you the cabinets. What do you want? New cabinets that look professionally installed. Without the proper experience, it probably won’t happen. At least not at the level that Perla Lichi designs!

2). It’s not as Inexpensive as Some Vendors Would Have you Think.

In design as in every walk of life, the adage “you get what you pay for,” is generally true. Professional designers know what products to economize on and what products to pay full fare for top quality. When you attempt to professionally design your home on your own, without the professional experience, you are likely to make BIG mistakes that can cost you A LOT of money down the road. Going back to the kitchen cabinet example, high-quality kitchen cabinets that are not available through your general building supply stores are probably going to cost the same to Perla Lichi as the ones you find at a general building supply store–except one is of much higher value than the other. This is because Perla Lichi has a large network of professionals and distributors that an inexperienced interior designer does not have.

3). Design Takes More Time Than the Cable Shows Make it Seem.

When we do a complete remodel, we work through the process in an orderly fashion. There are literally over 1000 pieces in a complete remodeling of a home. Rushing through the process is not recommended. There are many variables to properly designing an interior properly. If you want your design project done by the winter holidays, it is best practice to book your designer by August or before.

4). Visualizing the Finished Product in Your Mind is Not Adequate for Achieving Great Results.

Nothing in a professional design is left to chance. Careful measurements begin the process. Floor plans, wall plans, ceiling plans, lighting plans, and so forth, are created. Space planning begins with layout ideas entered on computer images of your home’s floor plan. Everything is done to scale. This enables designers to work out problems on paper. The result of this painstaking process will be three-dimensional images of your future rooms. Adjustments can still be made before the first nail has been hammered.

5). Selecting Items Simply Because you Like Them Doesn’t Mean They are the Right Choices for Your Spaces.

Here again, professional results are based on careful planning, not spur-of-the-moment whims. Your designer will incorporate any of the existing pieces that you want into your design plan. Make sure to tell them at the beginning of the process. Once your professionally designed rooms are finished and installed, you can always add more personal touches.

6). Design is Not a Matter of Selecting Colors or Products.

Design is measuring, making choices, testing, checking, discussing, revising … a process. Often clients are surprised when they love the color palette we suggest and it’s far and away from colors they requested when they first interviewed us for the job.

7). Professional Results Require Extensive Space Planning; Lighting, Furniture, Flooring, Ceiling, Wall and Lighting Plans, and 3-D Renderings.

Yes. And without all of this and more, it is nearly impossible to achieve professional results.

8). Professional Interior Design Increases Property Value.

Perla Lichi Design has earned millions of dollars over the years by increasing property value through professional design for homeowners, builders, developers, investors, and real estate professionals. Hiring a professional ensures your investment is meant for growth!

9).  Invest in the Best for Your Home, Your Personal Sanctuary.

Why is it that you don’t hesitate to buy a fabulous car and replace it every few years? Yet you think long and hard about investing fifty to one hundred thousand dollars or more in the place where you spend most of your time? Cars depreciate over time QUICKLY, whereas a house’s property value will increase as time passes. Why would you not want professionally designed interiors created exclusively for you, especially if it brings a good return down the road?

10). Designers Who Specialize in one Area of Design Tend to Turn out “Cookie Cutter” Work. You Need a Designer Who is Versatile and Experienced Enough to Design Interiors Customized for Your Home and Your Family.

With e-commerce businesses blooming more than ever before, blogs writing how-to-do pieces, and youtube making a professional interior design seem easy to handle, many people find themselves attempting to accomplish a project that might be way over their head. Many of the designs are cookie-cutter designs, even the ones done by “professional” designers. In this highly competitive market, many designers are coming up with a formula that they use over and over for each client. We don’t blame them for trying to survive in this highly competitive market. Perla Lichi on the other hand designs unique pieces of art every time she steps into a new home she is about to decorate. If you want to see her versatility, check out her complete portfolio of designs she has done around the world!

Photos: All photos used in this blog post are exclusive designs done by Perla Lichi and not stock photos. She takes pride in authentic, unique, and breath-taking interior designs.  For a FREE CONSULTATION, contact us here.

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